Iris and Ghost Nimbus

WIP:: Iris and Ghost Ninbus

Character sketches, to see if these current designs grow on me or not. Iris will most likely always wear street clothes, probably a combination of skirt and jacket consistently, as to maintain an identifiable look. Ghost Nimbus is actually supposed to wrapped in a cloak most of the time, but I am feeling his boots at the moment and wanted to show them off. I’m going to try and color this thing with markers.

Ghost Nimbus: the current design

Ghost Nimbus
Ghost Nimbus

Conceptually, I’ve been developing this character and his powers since I was in high school. This is a design that I did in my sketchbook a few years ago. I guess it’s his current character design. He’s one of the characters from the Angels & Alchemy world that I am developing with my best friend James.

My next project

My current side project is decorating deck boxes for some Magic the Gathering decks that I frequently use. I discovered that cardboard is the perfect canvas for watercolors- it doesn’t warp when soaked, and I don’t need to stretch it!!

This is one of the three that I’m currently rly working on. It’s for a deck built around the card of Tishana, Voice of Thunder. Official art for the card is here:

Work meeting drawing

Lately, I realized that I didn’t draw much at home during high school. I simply didn’t have time. I did the great majority of my drawing in the spaces between my History, Math, and and Literature notes. As I improved at drawing by leaps and bounds during those years, I’ve concluded that all that doodling must have done me some good. So I’ve taken it upon myself to draw some more, this time at work during meetings.

It’s weird how doing this makes me feel so complete.

My OC design

So, I’ve been drawing again and finally getting. Around to creating the visual for my MLP OC. I’ve had the backstory and general design for a while now, so putting it to paper is both exciting and disappointing at the same time. On the one hoof, I’m finally getting this done, so that’s great. On the other, I now have to face the reality that my OC doesn’t look on paper like he does in my head. Still, I like how he looks so far, and I think things will get even better once I get the colors in. 

Maybe my inspiration for finally creating the visual for this character comes from the finale of Season 6, which I just watched for the first time. Maybe it’s the impending release of Set 8 of the CCG. Or maybe it’s other things. I dunno. Here’s what I have so far. 

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