Seasonal Blues

I hate this time of year. I really just want to spend it with my friends and family, but gift giving stresses me out and sucks the joy out of the season. To top it all off, I’m constantly having to choose between events that I want to do and people that I want to spend time with. My friends from High School are meeting together for the first time since we graduated this Friday, but I have a John Legend concert to attend with my family. I even helped organize the reunion, but forgot about the concert! 😖

Kesha straight owns her $#!+

She doesn’t still spell it with a “$”, does she?

On my way back from Japan, I watched many videos from the back of the headrest of the seat in front of me. I came across this one, and have been addicted since. Kesha truly is an incredible artist, and her performance here validates that. Nothing beats her dancing around in a golden Elvis suit, and I applaud how unapologetically she owns her appearance and performance. I’m disappointed this song isn’t a bigger hit.

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