The Foot Clan is REAL!!! :O

Out in the SF Bay Area, a mob of 50 teenagers recently rushed a BART train and robbed the passengers. Now, these kids are popping up around the place committing more crime. A huge organized group of teens committing coordinated crimes across the city? Sound familiar at all?
I remember hearing story’s of this back in Japan. It was a shadow organization known as The Foot. They practiced the mysterious art of ninjutsu. They would strike hard, the. Disappear without a trace. Except when they “crashed into a crash ” (read the article) and got caught. That wasn’t very Foot-like.

My First Broadcast with CiM

So, recently I was asked to join Commentary is Magic as a backup member, or junior woodchuck member, or whatever status they give to people who aren’t one of the founding four. The coolest part about it, aside from the plain and simple honor, is that I get to join in on broadcasts and special events.

This past Sunday, I was part of the crew that reviewed the first batch of spoiled MLP CCG cards from the upcoming Defenders of Equestria set (aka Set 8). It was a lot of fun. I think it went well considering that it was a first outing for me. I’ve done acting, been on stage, and performed improv comedy, so this wasn’t entirely out of my comfort zone. I haven’t listened to the broadcast yet, but apparently there is some talking-over-others issues, something that’s easy to avoid on stage but a lot harder when you are doing a group stream with people’s whose faces you can’t see.

More streams are on the way. As more cards are spoiled, CiM will be discussing thoughts and general reactions.

So ya, come listen to me talk over people and bumble around. I’ll post links to the next broadcasts that I am featured in.

Oh. And here’s the link to the most recent one:

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