They paid $2.2 million; did they know it wasn’t Batman’s first appearance?

A copy of Batman #1 just sold for $2.2 million. That’s insane! Batman #1 was the first issue of Batman’s solo series, but the world’s greatest detective actually appeared for the first time in Detective Comics #27. To put the ridiculousness of this sale into perspective, the most expensive copy of Detective Comics #27 sold for only $1,075,000: less than half of what Batman #1 sold for. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Batman #1 is a valuable book. It contains the first appearance of Catwoman and the Joker and previously sold for $567,625. But if I’m going to pay $2.2 million, I’d rather spend it on Batman’s first appearance. Which leads me to wonder, did the purchaser know what he or she was buying? Did they know that Detective Comics #27 existed?

Biggest barrier to completion

When a drawing is coming out well, I’m afraid to finish it because I don’t want to ruin it.

I either start at the drawing forever, taking forever to make the next “move”, or I’ll stop working on it and instead pick a new project to work in that I care less about. Then, if the new project starts coming out well, I’ll stop that one too.

Professor Xavier; I did the pencils 7 years ago.

Case in point, both of these just started out as jank practice drawing. The drawing of zorofessor X was original a sketch I did 7 years ago that I didn’t like. I decided to ink it for practice after I paused coloring this sketch of three of my Angels & Alchemy characters. 😒

Halted Tomorrow, Boom Whisper, and Ghost Nimbus

Don’t Fight Your Demons

Apple Music. Spotify. A very appropriate album to have on repeat right now, given all of the political activity happening right now.

The newest album by Arrested Development. This group has been hugely instrumental to my development as a youth in ways that I don’t feel like getting into right now. It didn’t surprise me that they would release an album following the civil rights activity taking place across the nation this fall. If you are a fan or remember there first album (Tennessee, Mr. Wendle, People Everyday), then you’ll want to get this. It’s their best since then, imo.

For me, the stand-out tracks are #4 Becoming, #5 Young Americans, #8 Sunset in Ghana, #11 Pardon You For Disrupting, #12 Journey On, and #13 We’ll See. Although, lately I’ve been playing #14 Amazing and #16 Forsaken an awful lot.

After three years, I finally played Scythe.

Really enjoyed it. Was surprisingly easy to learn, and game play was really simple.

I’ve found that these massive broadband that take an hour or more to play a game are very intimidating to start. Especially for the first time: it takes time to blunder through the rules, and there are always a few mistakes. My brother bought Scythe three years ago, and every time we tried to play, we took one look at the instructions and decided, “meh, let’s try tomorrow. I’m already tired tonight.” And then proceed to drink another beer. If that’s been your barrier to playing, then stop it. We finally gave it a shot, and the learning curve was painless. Now that I have a learning game under my belt, I keep thinking of what strategies I want to try next time I play.

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