I finally saw Rogue One

 And just like I thought, this movie was just a cash grab for Disney. Sure, there were some amazing visuals, and there was great action, but overall there really wasn’t a purpose for the movie. It doesn’t advance or otherwise inform the greater Star Wars saga. There wasn’t a particular message or theme that the movie was trying to say as an independent piece. It doesn’t seem as if the creators had any reason to make this movie other than ‘Disney said make a movie about the team that gets those Death Star plans.’  

Guardians of the Galaxy, for example, was a movie about attachment and the experience of what disruption of those early attachments can mean for future relationships. Starlord is ripped from his parents at an early age, and this theme of how that affects his ability to connect to other people is revisited regularly throughout the movie. He ultimately is able to move past this impairment, ironically, by helping another group to deal with their own problems initiating and maintaining relationships. As Bork g as a film that may sound, we get tons of action and hilarious dialogue to build on that core story she’ll. In Rogue One, we have a protagonist with a similar set up: doesn’t really know her dad, mom dies while she is young. Yet, this whole set up is never explored throughout the movie. No theme is explored throughout the movie that I can tell, other than the straight forward story: “good guys need to get the plans to the Deathstar simply because they’re good guys.” And even the character revelations are weakly plotted; “the guy who designed the Deathstar was really a hero because good guys.” We have no insight into the man’s heroism; we don’t know where is comes from or at what cost it is to him to maintain it. Like his daughter, we just know that he’s a good guy and therefore he does good things. 

That being said, the characters in this movie had a lot of potential, and I would have loved to have seen them explored more. <–SPOILER–>

I actually wish that a few of them would have lived. I personally don’t think it would have taken anything from the film if one or two would have survived to make the events of this film relevant to the greater story. As it is, only the plans survived, and that’s all anyone cared about. Even in the final scene, Vader is gutting rebels left and right, tons of life. Tons of life lost everywhere, yet Leah gets those plans in her hands and she’s all smiles. Fail. Major fail of an ending.

(It was a nice allusion to the title of the next chapter in the story- but the mood was all wrong). 

Lululemon running challenge

I dunno how many comic books fans and Bronies out there run, but there is a Lululemon challenge out there: run either 25 or 50 miles in 2 weeks and you get a prize. I found out about it late, so now I’m going hard core on this thing to meet the deadline: I need to run 50 miles in 6 days, lol. I’m 12 miles in less than 24 hours, and I can’t wait until next two runs (as I have them planned). It’s what I’m thinking about right now instead of getting my work done. I should be working. 😑 

Depressing me out. 

Know what really depresses me? In this day and age when have yet another election between candidates that no one really wants, financial strain and rising costs of living with no rise I wages, and cultural and racial tensions running high worldwide, it’s the decline of the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game that is really bumming me out. I love this game. It brings me so much happiness. I love competing in competitions, I love building decks, and I love all of the associated art and fandom. But Bronies be tripping on the message boards, predicting the end of the game. Yes, it is going to happen eventually, but the way they talk about it makes me feel like it’s going to happen tomorrow. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN PEOPLE. Buy a starter deck and learn how to play. 

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