Cloudchella and Me

So, for the past month my life was chaos  in the best way possible. Three events have been thoroughly engulfing my time: the ongoing Silver Spanner deck-building Tournament series, BABSCon 2017, and Coachella. Two of these are clearly MLP CCG related, and I will talk about them in separate posts. 

Coachella, for those not aware, is the largest music and arts festival in Northern California (my brothers and I have been attending for years). Any Brony will remember a moment in the season 7 Premier when Twilight Sparkle was fantasizing a life where Starlight Glimmer lives with Ember and the dragons. At one point, one of the dragons comments on going to ‘Cloudchella’. I suspect that there is not a huge overlap between the Coachella-attending and Brony populations, because every Internet search that I’ve conducted looking for “cloudchella’ has referenced smoking and 4/20 culture. Never the less, I had to hit the polo fields with my lucky Pinkie chain and my car in full Cloudsdale mode. It was an amazing time, and I’d recommend it to anypony who loves partying.

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