Wtf why won’t they pick me for jury duty?!

I swear I’m like one of eight people in the country that actually wants to get selected for jury duty. And it never, happens. 

The farthest that I’ve gotten was to sit in a big room and read my book for an hour before they said that I could go home. Everyone was in their complaining, wanting to leave, and here I was with my fingers crossed hoping that they allow me to say. 

I recognize it as my civic duty to be part of the judicial process. Somebody’s life and future could depend on my ability to recognize the nuances of their particular situation. And then there’s the experience of it all, getting to watch the judicial process in action  and in real action; not the televised drama we see during celebrity trials or the scripted act in film. 

And I was hopeful that today was my chance. And it’s not. Thanks, today. 😕

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