Don’t Fight Your Demons

Apple Music. Spotify. A very appropriate album to have on repeat right now, given all of the political activity happening right now.

The newest album by Arrested Development. This group has been hugely instrumental to my development as a youth in ways that I don’t feel like getting into right now. It didn’t surprise me that they would release an album following the civil rights activity taking place across the nation this fall. If you are a fan or remember there first album (Tennessee, Mr. Wendle, People Everyday), then you’ll want to get this. It’s their best since then, imo.

For me, the stand-out tracks are #4 Becoming, #5 Young Americans, #8 Sunset in Ghana, #11 Pardon You For Disrupting, #12 Journey On, and #13 We’ll See. Although, lately I’ve been playing #14 Amazing and #16 Forsaken an awful lot.

Kesha straight owns her $#!+

She doesn’t still spell it with a “$”, does she?

On my way back from Japan, I watched many videos from the back of the headrest of the seat in front of me. I came across this one, and have been addicted since. Kesha truly is an incredible artist, and her performance here validates that. Nothing beats her dancing around in a golden Elvis suit, and I applaud how unapologetically she owns her appearance and performance. I’m disappointed this song isn’t a bigger hit.

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