Have a new phone; expect more frequent updates

Never buy a Windows Phone. Even if you don’t mind a limited App Store (which, to be honest was not a major problem), you will get lost using the terrible map/navigation app. Add to that a terrible interface when trying to call or text infrequently used contacts, and the phone is not worth the effort. 

After dropping my Windows phone many times, the screen cracked and developed “ghost taps”, which is basically the same thing as having an invisible person randomly tapping your phone screen just to fuck with you. Seriously. Pissed me the hell off, and I don’t get pissed very easily. 

So I picked up an iPhone SE because price point and ecosystem with my Mac Computers and iPad etc. Also, I don’t care if a new phone may be announced next week; they’re never for sale right away and I like this one.

The point of this being that will be posting and uploading more. Go me.

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